Wall Decor Idea

I love old handkerchiefs! So many of them were hand embroidered with love, and you can find them at almost any antique store. I recently read about an idea of how to display them: in an embroidery hoop on your wall. Since I had a few laying around, I decided to give this a try. First, I hand stained the wood of the embroidery hoop, but you can always paint them your favorite colors as well!



I simply stretched the two handkerchiefs in their hoops. The handkerchief on the right I got a deal on since it had some burn marks on it. But since only part of it is displayed, this is a way to get a deal on beautiful linens!

I saw a wall spread in a magazine, which basically had magazine pages covering it. Romantic homes or vintage magazines are full of inspirational pictures, so I picked out my favorites and pinned them on my wall. Call it a personal Pinterest wall. The embroidery hoops and some washi tape finished everything off perfectly.




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