Gold Mirror DIY – An Update!


One of my first posts on my blog was for a mirror DIY. I thought I’d update this post with some better pictures and a little bit about how I made it!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good, intricate mirror. I came across such a mirror at Walmart. Unfortunately, it was black! Although some people may like that color for their decor, I prefer a glamorous, golden look. Since this mirror was only around $25, I thought I’d put a little work into it to make it mine.


  • Mirror
  • Painter’s tape
  • Gold spray paint of your choice!

This is a fairly quick DIY. In order to use the spray paint, I covered up the entire mirror surface with painter’s tape. For the more difficult, curved edges, I ripped up tiny pieces of tape to conform to the shape.

Then I went to town with the spray paint! One thing to keep in mind is making sure you spray from different angles. This will help ensure that every surface is covered. I also recommend doing several coats.

I have had this mirror for several years, and I love its timeless look. I even used it as a champagne tray at our wedding!

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