Preparing for a Craft Fair: Cormorant Daze 2017

Hello Fellow Bloggers, Crafters, and Friends!

I am finally posting about something super fun I did this summer – a craft fair! As you know from my blog, I love making things. When you make more things than you can keep, it is always a great idea to start to sell them. I have had my Etsy shop for over five years now. However, my favorite form of selling definitely comes in the form of craft fairs.



I did my first craft fair about two years ago, and I loved it! There is something so special about getting to talk to customers in person about your crafts and finds. I have found several other people who share a love of flower pressing. At this latest craft fair, I was also able to get others interested in the process because I now sell handmade flower presses!

Each of these craft fairs have been a success for me. Not just in sales, but just in a really great experience. I am including a few tips for any fellow crafters looking to do a fair themselves.

Here are some ideas and tricks I have to share:

  • Do a mock-setup in your garage or house a few days beforehand. This will help you know how you want to arrange your items. Make sure to take a picture when you are done so you know how to set up the day of the fair.
  • Purchase a card reader! I use a PayPal device. Some people just don’t keep cash on hand, and this will help you get their sales. The company you use for your sales may take a portion of your profits, but I believe it is still worth it.
  • Do not just sit on your phone or stare at people when they are at your booth! Try to be interactive. As a shy person myself, I always feel awkward doing this. However, after a few interactions it starts to come more naturally.
  • Keep your business cards visible and easy to grab. Some people may not buy something in person, but they may want to revisit your items later.
  • Have a treat for the kids set out. This is just something I like to do because little shoppers can get bored at events like this!
  • Have fun. No matter how many sales you make or don’t make, just make the best of an awesome opportunity to share your work!



A friend of mine designed this sign for me. I think it adds a little extra something to the booth, don’t you?

Let me know if you have any more tips or tricks for craft fairs in the comments.


Pressed Flower Resin Pendants

Life has been pretty crazy as of late, and I have not had as much time to write. In the past few months I’ve done a couple of really cool DIYs, been to the flea market again, and even participated in a craft fair. I cannot wait to blog about all of these things! I am also working on improving my website, so there may be a few changes in the future.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a picture of a couple of pressed flower resin pendants I did for the craft fair. These were a lot of fun to make and turned out so delicate and refined!



The first and third pendants from the left feature pressed fuchsias. The second and fourth pendants are both columbines. Which one is your favorite? I am partial to the fuchsia beauty on the far left!


Our Living Room Aesthetic

I love seeing the different aesthetic image collections on Pinterest lately. They can be anything from images relating to a character from a book to just the different, vibrant colors you see along the seashore. One of my favorite things about them is how you can create a feeling from closeups, patterns, and colors.

My husband and I have slowly been finishing off the different rooms in our house since the move. The first room that feels complete is our living room. I did a post about the art we added to it here. The main colors in this room are dark blue and gold, with accents of gray. Our walls were painted gray when we moved in, and it seems like a good neutral for us right now.

With the mostly-done feeling of the living room, I thought I would experiment and make my own aesthetic collection. Without further ado, here it is:



The upper left corner is a sconce we received from a good friend for our wedding. The third panel down on the left and the bottom right corner have two gorgeous brass candleholders that my mother-in-law gave me. The bottom right corner also features a set of classics we bought from a thrift store when we were still dating! The top right and bottom left corners are the fabric from our pillows and ottoman. I love that couch set, and I have a feeling we are going to have it for years to come. Our dark blue mirror is on the right, and you can see the curtains we have on the second panel down on the left. Even the background of the title is the art we having hanging up!

My favorite part about the color scheme is that it is all very neutral and comes off as very warm. I cannot wait to spend some cold winter nights snuggled up on the couches here!


Birthday Crown for the Baby Boy

Baby Boy’s first birthday was coming up a couple of months ago, and my mother-in-law and I were planning the details for his party. We knew we wanted to do a smash cake, and my husband’s family got Baby Boy an adorable little outfit for the festivities! Since I had a little extra time on my hands, I thought about making him some sort of birthday crown. I had seen several online, but I did not want to buy something that small that would only get used once.

This is where the piles of felt I have in storage came into play. Making my son a special crown for his birthday sounded like the perfect idea!


  • Felt: I used three different colors
  • Fabric cutter or scissors
  • Iron for the felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric crayon or pencil

Instead of looking up a DIY, I thought I would wing it and hopefully come up with something new and fun to post on the blog. Here are the steps I took:

First, I ironed the felt. Sometimes when I am crafting I skip this step, but since I was going to use this crown in photographs, I thought it would be best to take the extra time. Then I cut the felt. I had a detailed list of my dimensions, which I seem to have misplaced. I guess that’s mom life :P. From the photographs, it looks like I cut the main piece to about 6 inches x 12.5 inches.



I then marked on the fabric how wide I wanted the points of the crown to be, as well as where I would have the two sides meet up to make a circle. I divided the length of the crown evenly between 12 inches, as the extra 0.5 inches would be used for bringing the crown together. I made the height of the points about half the height of the crown.




Next, I used the fabric glue to make the crown circular. For the 1, I free handed the cutting with scissors. I am sure you could find many templates online, though! I glued this on with fabric glue as well.



Lastly, I added a thin trim along the bottom to give it a little more personality.



Although I did not add any string, I would recommend it if you are planning on having your baby wear it for an extended period of time. This crown was just made for pictures, so we “expertly” balanced it on his head.



I love how fast this project was. It also has the potential to be used for any birthday and even with pets! Let me know what you think!


Flip Those End Tables!

My neighbor was having a garage sale recently. Let me tell you – I loves me some garage sales! They give you an opportunity to get to know the neighborhood and make some awesome purchases. We got our little guy an adorable monster hat for only $0.25! The most exciting purchase from this sale had to be the solid wood end tables, though.



I got them for only $4 a piece! You really cannot beat that price. Plus, they have a unique look to them that initially had me puzzled as to how I wanted to refinish them.

After some Pinteresting, I had a plan. I love the two-tone table look that involves a dark wood stain on top and a light paint accent on the legs. It just seems timeless to me.

I have redone the stain on furniture before, like in this post. I know there are multiple ways to remove stain from wood, but I prefer to just sand it off. I did the tops of the tables when my dad suggested just taking the tables apart so I wouldn’t have to sand around the spindles. I am so grateful for this idea since that would have been a pain!



With the stain all removed, I decided to tape off the bottom of the tables so we could easily spray paint the legs. Initially, I was going to paint the spindles and legs by hand, but my dad convinced me that spray paint was the way to go. Can you tell I get most of my DIY skills from my parents?

For the spindles, we punched holes in cardboard so we could easily spray paint all the spindles at once by standing them up. Here is a pic of the set up:



Spray painting was much faster and easier. The picture above shows the spindles with one hand painted coat. I am so glad we spray painted them instead.

Next, we got to do the staining. I chose a dark walnut stain. When my dad applied the first coat, I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it looked!



The tables were put back together with some finagling and wood glue.



Initially, I tried selling these bad boys at a craft market. Honestly, I am just going to keep these tables for myself!



Tell me what you think! This is one of my favorite DIYs to date!




Wall of Art for the Stairway

I found this gallery wall on Pinterest many months ago, and it made me long for a stairwell of my own.


Image Source:


I love the black and gold frames mixed together. The staggered arrangement placed in the corner is such a unique idea. When we moved to a home with its very own stairwell, I knew I would have to mimic this idea.

I had several pieces of art I wanted to include, but not all of my frames were in the black and gold family. Luckily, we had spray paint on hand, and I could easily create the look I desired.



After this, it was simply a matter of arranging. When I do gallery walls, I try not to worry so much about spacing and just go with my gut when hanging different pieces. One thing I do recommend is to hang the largest pieces first and fill in around them.



My favorite part about my new gallery wall is that it has room to grow! I can’t wait to see where my flea market adventures and boutique shopping take this little decor feature in the future!





This would look great with any metallic color – silver, copper, bronze – you name it! In this space, I really like how the gold stands out against the gray walls.

How would you decorate your stairwell? Let me know in the comments!



Decluttering the Laundry Room

My husband suggested I do this post since not every DIY requires a cute little product as a result!

Our laundry room is the location of all of my craft materials, laundry essentials, and dangerous electronics that we need to keep out of the baby’s reach. It also houses the utilities. Despite this, it is a pretty big laundry room that just needs a little love. I will probably do a couple of posts about the progress we have made in making it a great place to clean clothes.

The first step was simple…more shelving! Ideally, we would have come up with a beautiful, vintage-inspired hideout for all of the random paint and fabric I own. Realistically, we don’t have the time or energy. This doesn’t mean we can’t have organization and simplicity, however.

We already had a white wire shelf above the washer and dryer, so we just decided to add a few more higher up. The effect was less clutter on the ground and just a bigger looking room in general! I know this shelving will last and we can use cute baskets to make it fit our style over time.



It is definitely a work in progress, but at least we now have floor space!


Upcycling a Container into a Gorgeous Garbage Bin

Growing up, my mom always saved tiny shopping bags to use as garbage bags in the family minivan. The excitement about finding a new “car garbage” still hits me today when I get a little bag for jewelry, makeup, and other small items. In recent years, I have seen ideas for upcycling old plastic containers into garbage cans for your vehicle, and I absolutely love this idea!

I have been trying to be less wasteful, which sometimes seems impossible with a baby. I always try to repeat the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” to myself. The order of the phrase is very important, so it is good to try to reduce before you reuse, etc. This DIY is a way to reuse, and hopefully it will inspire you to do the same!

The steps are very simple. You only need an old plastic container. I used an empty dishwasher pack holder, but you could use an old formula dispenser or something similar. Then, pick a fun scrapbook paper and get your mod podge, paintbrush, and scissors/paper cutter ready to go!



Cut your paper to the size of the container. I needed two strips of paper to surround the plastic bin. A simple way to measure is to fold the paper at the edge so you can see where the line is.



Apply mod podge wherever you are going to put the paper.



Smooth the paper down and let it dry. I did an extra section on the top since I just loved the floral pattern! I also picked this paper since it matched the bright green of the lid.




Once the mod podge is dry, apply a second coat to the outside and let it dry again.



You now have a sweet little garbage container for your vehicle!



Here is the link to the post that inspired me:


Hope you enjoy! XOXO…PB

Gallery Wall Update: After the Move

I recently did a post showing the beautiful gallery wall we had in our apartment’s master bedroom. Since we moved into our house, I decided to move and change the wall of art a bit.

We purchased a gorgeous canvas with a pink botanical for less than $30 at HomeGoods! This became the new focal point of the gallery wall. The rest fell into place around it. I love gallery walls for just this reason – there does not need to be any certain pattern or arrangement, just do what you think looks great!

Our gallery wall is now in our loft area above our sassy pink futon. What do you think?


How I Added a Sweet Touch to Our Apartment Nursery

When we were moving into our new apartment, I was very pregnant with our little baby. I wanted to do something special for him, but I knew we couldn’t really paint or do too much to permanently change his room. I hit Pinterest to try to find some inspiration!

One of my favorite ideas involved using washi tape to create a temporary, wallpaper-like finish. Not wanting to take the time to do this to all the walls in the nursery, I picked the far wall with the window to create an accent wall.

Here are some before pics:




I bought thick washi tape from Michaels, and got to work.




An important thing to note: I did NOT take the time to make straight lines. My excuse was that I was tired and pregnant. Instead, I just said that it was “whimsical.” Since we were only living here for a short time, this decor was very temporary. If this is something that you want to keep up for a few years, you may want to take the extra hour or two and use a straight edge for a cleaner look.



Another touch I added was creating a sealed look by lining the corners of the wall where they met the ceiling and window.



Once it was done, we brought in the furniture and created a cozy space for our little one.