Cat Nip and Sachets! A Smelly and Quick DIY

Not a lot of people use sachets anymore, but I find them a charming addition to your drawers, and they give that rustic, just-like-grandma-used-to-do-it feel. I remember making a sachet that I hand-embroidered for a class in high school.

In this project all you need is two 5″x5″ or 4″x4″ squares of cutout fabric. Lay the good sides of the squares facing outward, yes outward! The stitching goes along the edge and is visible. Stitch around 3 sides of the sachet. Once you have a good tight-stitched pocket, fill the open end with either catnip for a cat pillow or toy, or lavender or some other great smelling ingredient! You can also try batting with essential oil rubbed in it. Here are my two finished sachets. I used pinking shears to make the edging. What a fun and quick diy!



For the sachet with the catnip, I drew a small cat face on the fabric with a fabric marker.