Preparing for a Craft Fair: Cormorant Daze 2017

Hello Fellow Bloggers, Crafters, and Friends!

I am finally posting about something super fun I did this summer – a craft fair! As you know from my blog, I love making things. When you make more things than you can keep, it is always a great idea to start to sell them. I have had my Etsy shop for over five years now. However, my favorite form of selling definitely comes in the form of craft fairs.



I did my first craft fair about two years ago, and I loved it! There is something so special about getting to talk to customers in person about your crafts and finds. I have found several other people who share a love of flower pressing. At this latest craft fair, I was also able to get others interested in the process because I now sell handmade flower presses!

Each of these craft fairs have been a success for me. Not just in sales, but just in a really great experience. I am including a few tips for any fellow crafters looking to do a fair themselves.

Here are some ideas and tricks I have to share:

  • Do a mock-setup in your garage or house a few days beforehand. This will help you know how you want to arrange your items. Make sure to take a picture when you are done so you know how to set up the day of the fair.
  • Purchase a card reader! I use a PayPal device. Some people just don’t keep cash on hand, and this will help you get their sales. The company you use for your sales may take a portion of your profits, but I believe it is still worth it.
  • Do not just sit on your phone or stare at people when they are at your booth! Try to be interactive. As a shy person myself, I always feel awkward doing this. However, after a few interactions it starts to come more naturally.
  • Keep your business cards visible and easy to grab. Some people may not buy something in person, but they may want to revisit your items later.
  • Have a treat for the kids set out. This is just something I like to do because little shoppers can get bored at events like this!
  • Have fun. No matter how many sales you make or don’t make, just make the best of an awesome opportunity to share your work!



A friend of mine designed this sign for me. I think it adds a little extra something to the booth, don’t you?

Let me know if you have any more tips or tricks for craft fairs in the comments.