Gallery Wall Update: After the Move

I recently did a post showing the beautiful gallery wall we had in our apartment’s master bedroom. Since we moved into our house, I decided to move and change the wall of art a bit.

We purchased a gorgeous canvas with a pink botanical for less than $30 at HomeGoods! This became the new focal point of the gallery wall. The rest fell into place around it. I love gallery walls for just this reason – there does not need to be any certain pattern or arrangement, just do what you think looks great!

Our gallery wall is now in our loft area above our sassy pink futon. What do you think?


Adding Art to Our Living Room

My husband and I like to get one or two projects done on the weekend since our weekdays are spent working and wrangling the baby. I thought I would start posting some of these little DIY projects that we are tackling around the home.

This past weekend the goal was to hang some art in the living room. I wanted to make a trio of art above the couch. At first, I was going to just paint a giant canvas and have some DIY art, but blank canvases can get expensive! While we were out on a shopping trip, we found some beautiful, giant canvases at Burlington Coat Factory(!). The large canvas was only $40, and the two small canvases were $15 each.



Comparing these to my trip to Hobby Lobby, they were the same price as buying one giant blank canvas, not including all the art supplies.

Now for the hanging…

Instead of centering the paintings with each other, we decided to have them all be at the same level along the bottom. We hoped this would create a little visual interest.

Here is the before:



And after!



This is a bigger view to give you an idea of the space:



Here it is a little warmified:



And here is my husband modeling our work…haha!



What projects did you do this weekend?


Wall Decor Idea

I love old handkerchiefs! So many of them were hand embroidered with love, and you can find them at almost any antique store. I recently read about an idea of how to display them: in an embroidery hoop on your wall. Since I had a few laying around, I decided to give this a try. First, I hand stained the wood of the embroidery hoop, but you can always paint them your favorite colors as well!



I simply stretched the two handkerchiefs in their hoops. The handkerchief on the right I got a deal on since it had some burn marks on it. But since only part of it is displayed, this is a way to get a deal on beautiful linens!

I saw a wall spread in a magazine, which basically had magazine pages covering it. Romantic homes or vintage magazines are full of inspirational pictures, so I picked out my favorites and pinned them on my wall. Call it a personal Pinterest wall. The embroidery hoops and some washi tape finished everything off perfectly.